Sapio hydrogen plant

Supply of the Battery
and MCC/UPS rooms

DVD Tecno S.r.l. designed, supplied and commissioned the two containers housing the MCC/UPS, the electrical panel and the batteries for Sapio Hydrogen Plant "Mantova 2".

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Project Details

  • Start: February 2012
  • End: July 2012
  • Place: Mantova, Italy
  • Amount: 320,000 €
  • Client: Sapio Produzione Idrogeno Ossigeno S.r.l.
  • Type: Hydrogen plants
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Our Client had the necessity of keeping the hydrogen plant operational in the event of interruptions of the power supply from the grid. Frequent 3-5 seconds shortages led to the shut down of the plant, and the consequent need to follow the restart procedure.

The project

DVD Tecno S.r.l. designed and supplied an automatic system made by an MCC, an UPS, the relative batteries, a set of inverters which were connected to the main fans and pumps, and two prefabricated containers fit to hold all the equipments. The system is capable of supplying 500kW for 15 minutes.

Inside of the container.
Inside of the container.
Detail of the control system.
Detail of the control system.
View of the container.
View of the container.

The installation

All the supplied components were installed in two air conditioned containers, which were then placed in a dedicated area of the plant.

The start-up

Once the assembly, testing and verifications were completed, the Client was able to start-up without any issue the plant and the new system, ready to intervene in case of power shortages.

Inside the container: detail of the battery packs.
Inside the container: detail of the battery packs.

The energy and environmental savings

Thanks to the modifications made, it was possible to obtain the following benefits:

  • An improvement of the plant reliability;
  • A further reduction in power consumption and emissions, as most of the start and stop transients are avoided;
  • A reduction of about 30% of the steady state power consumption due to the utilisation of inverters on all main electrical motors.

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