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Our short,
long story

Since 2007, an history of successes standing on the shoulders of giants.

DVD Tecno S.r.l. is an engineering, consultancy and supply company which mainly operates in the energy, environmental, petrochemical and pharmaceutical fields.

Through TIPA S.r.l., we recently reached an agreement with a mechanical construction company in Treviso, Italy (Lineco S.r.l.). Thanks to this agreement we now have the capabilities of both designing and directly build machineries and plants, which makes us capable of providing the Client with a full, turn-key service.

Recently we joined the Tecnoenvironment Consortium, which operates in the field of energy and environmental services, further improving our capabilities in the sector.

Since 2007... with a long story behind us

The Company was founded in May 2007, and can number today 10 years of successful projects.

However our story doesn't begin in 2007, but it is made also by projects which predate the founding of DVD Tecno S.r.l. by many years. In fact, at the time it was conceived, DVD Tecno S.r.l. acquired all the projects, know-how and personnel of DVD Impianti S.r.l., company which used to operate in the engineering, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and renewable energy fields. Moreover the two founding members have been active in the very same fields DVD Tecno S.r.l. is specialized into, and can claim more than 40 years of experience.

Our Values

"Clients first"

DVD Tecno S.r.l. belives that providing high quality products and services to its Clients is of the utmost importance; for this reason:

  • is flexible enough to adapt to the Clients' needs;
  • guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of both technical and personal data;
  • ensures the reliability of its products and services with periodical checks and preventative and corrective actions.

Our Vision

"Quality and Safety above all"

In order to pursue full Customer satisfaction, DVD Tecno S.r.l.:

  • employs a quality system conform to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard;
  • continuously improves its management system via automation and hardware/software upgrades;
  • satisfies all safety-related legal requirements;
  • guarantees that its staff is technically up-to-date.

Our Mission

"Process optimisation and energy conservation"

The goal of all our works is the optimisation of industrial processes: the same applies to our offices, where all requirements concerning environmental friendiness and energy conservation are fully respected.

When developing or revamping plants, we spend many man-hours in the optimisation phase, focusing on energy conservation and standardisation.


DVD Tecno S.r.l. possesses the following certifications.

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ISO 9001:2008
Company with an ISO 9001:2008 certified management system.
Certificate n. IT261855

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