Waste treatment plants

Ecology and Recycling:
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Sorting, composting and electrical power production plants.

DVD Tecno S.r.l. is capable of supplying both parts as well as full, turn-key plants, starting from the design of the process, through the construction and supply of the components, up to the final start-up of the plant.

DVD Tecno S.r.l. main expertise concerns:

  • Municipal Soldi Waste (MSW) recycling and treatment plants;
  • Machineries for the automatic selection and sorting of reusable materials in waste;
  • Recovered polyethylene cleaning and regeneration plants;
  • Composting plants for the organic fraction in MSW, from both OFMSW and sludges separate collection;
  • Plants for the sorting and packaging of combustible materials (RDF) in MSW and industrial solid waste;
  • Plants for thermal and electrical power generation from waste.

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