Industrial automation

Supervision and Control
by the industry leaders

Process control and industrial automation. Integrated control systems development and supervision.

The rapid evolution in the field of industrial automation made it possible to supervision and control many industrial process in a more efficient way. Thanks to these technological advancements it is now possible to improve the repeatability and quality of the processes, as well as the efficiency of the whole system, which in turn leads to conspicuous energy savings.

DVD Tecno S.r.l. in this field is able to cover the full engineering and design requirements, and it is also capable of following the Client with the complete supply, assembly and start-up of field instrumentation, PLC, and advanced control systems.

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Main plant typologies

Thanks to our experience we are able to design and supply field instrumentation and systems for any kinf of industrial process, such as:

  • Burner control systems for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and hydrogen production plants;
  • CO boilers control systems;
  • Fluidised bed furnace control systems for MSW incineration;
  • Electrical power distribution and transformation systems;
  • Low and medium voltage electrical power station.
Control systems.
Control systems.

Control systems we supply

Our Company policy is to avoid signing commercial agreements with any specific supplier. For this reason we have no conflict of interest and we are able to support our Client in the selection of the most suitable solution for his problems, or to adopt the standards already present on site for pre-existing plants.

We can take care of all the aspects (from design, to supply, installation and startup)of systems such as:

  • Control systems via DCS, PLC and microprocessors;
  • Supervision via Personal Computer;
  • Hardwired or PLC-based interlock systems;
  • Burner management systems (BMS);
  • Motor Control Center (MCC), eventually with UPS/Diesel emergency power supplies to avoid interruptions in critical plants;
  • Local panels;
  • Remote I/Os;
  • Field and control room instrumentation;
  • ON/OFF and control valves.

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