Tecnologie Ambientali recycling plant

Supply of a multimaterial waste treatment plant

DVD Tecno S.r.l. designed, supplied, assembled and commissioned the Ecolat S.r.l. 7t/h plant for the selection and sorting of materials coming from waste separate collection of MSW of the Grosseto province (Italy).

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Project Details

  • Start: November 2009
  • End: July 2010
  • Place: Grosseto, Italy
  • Amount: 1,100,000 €
  • Client: Tecnologie Ambientali S.r.l.
  • End Client: Ecolat S.r.l.
  • Type: Recycling plants
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Our Client took part in a project for the upgrade and update of Ecolat S.r.l. waste selection and treatment complex. DVD Tecno S.r.l. was put in charge of the design, supply and commissioning of the plant for the selection and sorting of the multimaterial coming from the MSW separate collection (glass, plastic and metals).


The project

The project main aim was to develop an automated treatment cycle, with final quality control, capable of rising the plant capacity up to about 7t/h of multimaterial waste. The Client placed two main constraints on the design:

  • the vast majority of equipment had to fit inside an industrial building with very limited width and height;
  • the machineries (press, aluminum separator, vibrating screen) of the old plant which was at end-of-life and obsolete, had to be reused where possible.

Rotary valve.
Rotary valve.
Detail of the screen.
Detail of the screen.

The installation

The systems were installed with the help of a set of trusted companies, and the preliminary tests were carried out during the construction of the plant.

The start-up

Once the assembly, the commissioning and the verifications were completed, the final start-up of the plant was carried out together with the End Customer.

The energy and environmental savings

In order to optimise the electrical power consumption, particular care was taken in the design of the plant illumination system, and in the engineering of the new machineries, where only high performance motors (EFF1) were used. Needless to stress out the environmental importance of recycling plants, as they let the reutilisation of waste materials, leading to a reduction in the usage of environmental and power resources.

The plant supervision and control system.
The plant supervision and control system.

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