OFMSW Contarina plant

Composting plant doubling

DVD Tecno S.r.l. was in charge of the process engineering, the electromechanical design and the coordination of the design activities for the doubling (from 35.000t/year to 70.000t/year) of the OFMSW composting plant owned by Contarina S.p.A.

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Project Details

  • Start: February 2008
  • End: April 2009
  • Place: Trevignano (Treviso, Italy)
  • Client: Contarina S.p.A.
  • Type: Recycling plants
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In order to double the capacity of its composting plant, the Client asked DVD Tecno S.r.l. to engineer the process, to design the entire electromechanical part and to coordinate all the other companies which were involved in the execution engineering of the plant (Environmental Assessment, civil works, fire fighting, etc.).

The project

The project consisted in the design of an automatic treatment cycle capable of doubling the OFMSW input capabilites of the plant (from 35.000 to 70.000t/year), with the requirements of both mantaining the current civil works (the industrial building) and implementing policies for energy savings and process efficiency.

The focal point of the project is the methodolgy used for air insufflation in the composting basin, which is usually the critical point in all plants of this kind as it is subject to cloggings leading to uneven distributions of the air, which in turn cause the incomplete maturation of the material and the need for frequent cleanings. The technique used by DVD Tecno S.r.l. is apparently complex, but shows its validity since 1986, in a plant which design was carried out at the time by one of the founding members of DVD Tecno S.r.l. (Pietramelina plant in Perugia, Italy).

The implemented insufflation system.
The implemented insufflation system.

After the executive design, the plant was subject to an invitation to tender and is currently under construction.

View of the existing plant.
View of the existing plant.

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