MATS (Multipurpose Applications by Thermodynamic Solar)

Supply of PLC and instrumentation

DVD Tecno S.r.l. engineered and supplied the instrumentation for the molten salts and steam cycles, as well as the main plant PLC together with its SCADA system, for the european project MATS ("Multipurpose Application by Thermodynamic Solar"). DVD Tecno S.r.l. also supported its Client during the installation of the supplied parts.

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Project Details

The Multipurpose Application by Thermodynamic Solar (MATS Project) is a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant recently inaugurated in Borg El-Arab, about 40 km south-west of Alexandria, Egypt. The plant has been designed and developed thanks to the cooperation of the Italian reasearch agency ENEA, the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), and numerous companies, including KT S.p.A. (our Client), which has been involved as process engineering contractor, with the main responsibility of coordinating the other companies partecipating in the project. The project has been funded by the European Union.

The plant

The plant is focused on the innovative CSP technology developed by ENEA as an improvement of its Solar Thermodynamic technology based on molten salts as heat transfer fluid. The objective of the plant is to combine the production of electric energy (1 MWe) and desalinated water (250 m3/day) from solar energy. The integration with a back-up fuel makes the system flexible and enables continuous power/water production.

Main PLC rack.
Main PLC rack.
One of the SCADA pages.
One of the SCADA pages.

The responsibilities

DVD Tecno S.r.l. was in charge of the design and complete supply of the instrumentation and automation of the steam and molten salts cycles. In particular DVD Tecno S.r.l.:

  • Coordinated the control systems for the mirrors in the solar field;
  • Verified and implemented the algorithm in charge of predicting the position of the Sun in order to properly align the mirrors;
  • Supplied all instrumentation and control valves required by the aforementioned cycles;
  • Implemented the control loops for the steam and molten salts cycles;
  • Designed and supplied both the PLC and the SCADA system;
  • Carried out on-field duties relative to the SAT.

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