Chemtex cracking heater

Design of the burner piping and PLC

In the scope of the project for the construction of the Acetic Cracking Furnace in Yibin (China), DVD Tecno S.r.l. designed and supplied the plant PLC.

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Project Details

  • Start: May 2008
  • End: February 2009
  • Place: Yibin, China
  • Amount: 300,000 €
  • Client: Technip KTI
  • End Client: Chemtex
  • Type: Chemical plants
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DVD Tecno S.r.l. did the execution design of the entire burner piping of the heater, as well as the supply of a set of valves and of the heater damper actuator.

Burner piping: detail.
Burner piping: detail.
Damper actuator.
Damper actuator.
Damper actuator.
Damper actuator.

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