AMA recycling plant

Upgrade of a waste treatment plant

DVD Tecno S.r.l. designed, supplied, built and commissioned an upgrade of a pre-existing selection plant for the multimaterial separate collection of municipal solid waste (MSW). The plant is in the province of Rome and owned by AMA S.p.A. (previously Amagest S.r.l.).

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Project Details

  • Start: May 2006
  • End: August 2006
  • Place: Finocchio (Rome, Italy)
  • Amount: 300,000 €
  • Client: Amagest S.r.l.
  • Type: Recycling plants
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Our Client decided to upgrade the capabilities of a pre-existing waste treatment plant from multimaterial (glass, plastic and metals) separate collection sited in Rocca Cencia in the south of Rome. DVD Tecno S.r.l. (at the time DVD Impianti S.r.l.) was in charge of the design, supply, assembly and restart of the existing plant.

The plant during construction.
The plant during construction.

One of the main challenges of the project was the tight schedule the plant was subject to, as any maintenance shut down had to end quickly due to the continous flow of waste materials coming from the city.

Thanks to the upgrade, the plant is capable of sustaining a throughput almost four times bigger than before.

Plant supervision graphic page.
Plant supervision graphic page.

The energy and environmental savings

Needless to stress out the environmental importance of recycling plants, as they let the reutilisation of waste materials, leading to a reduction in the usage of environmental and power resources.

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